LETTER: Thank you Horncastle for helping to raise £9,000

This was my first year as the Poppy Appeals Officer for the Horncastle Branch.

It was certainly a steep learning curve but for the most part very enjoyable.

It was apparent that my many helpers had done it for years and that really helped. I think it went smoothly, but that is for others to judge.

It was certainly a team effort when it came to preparing the boxes.

We had a production line spread out along Jim Thorburns driveway.

It is quite a logistical exercise getting the boxes out and then back in again. All have their own serial numbers, so it is checked out and then back in again.

Then the counting party assembled at my house on 3 separate occasions.

You would be amazed at the weight of coins involved.

All boxes were emptied individually, coins and notes sorted, counted and prepared for banking. (My bill for the supply of coffee and sandwiches has yet to be submitted).

At the moment I don’t have a final total, a few boxes to come in and the money from the wreaths to be added, but the current total stands at a touch over £9,000.

Once it is all collected, counted and banked, the paperwork will be finished and details sent to HQ.

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the appeal and hope I can count (no pun intended) on your help next year.

Julian Milllington

Poppy Appeals Officer