LETTER: Sympathy for Wragby businesses during roadworks

I would just like to say how much I sympathise with business owners in Wragby who are battling those dreadful roadworks.

As a former shop owner myself, I can appreciate what they must be going through and the total lack of support from the local authority.

My understanding is that these works should have been carried last September but were cancelled, apparently because the County Council was short of funds. How ironic!

Now, they decide to complete the works in the middle of the summer, at a time when so many shops and pubs depend on passing trade.

Perhaps the improvements will make a difference although I can’t see how four new pedestrian crossing will improve the flow of traffic - especially on a busy weekend.

As for a new mini-roundabout further down the main road, wait for those delays.

As a regular visitor to Wragby, I fail to see why the work has taken so long. Surely, the delays can’t be down to snow!

There again, having seen the efforts of some of the contractors, perhaps I am not surprised. Are the local coffee shops making a profit now?

I note from the story in the News that the county council promises the work will be completed by July 18 and they ‘will not return for 20 years.’

No-one would complain if that will be the case but tell me, how long will it be before a utility company comes along and happily digs up the brand new surface?

I, for one, will continue to support the excellent tradesmen in Wragby.

I hope other will follow.

George Lyons

Woodhall Spa