LETTER: Surprised by lack of speeding in Horncastle

I have read in this week’s Horncastle News that your reporter, John Fieldhouse, accompanied PCSO Nigel Wass to assess the speed of traffic on Louth Road.

The article states that, in the 15 minute period, in their opinion, no vehicles exceeded the speed limit.

I am very surprised with this statement as I, with four other volunteers from Louth Road, Harrison Close and Lancaster Avenue, accompanied PCSO Nigel Wass to a point adjacent to the entrance for incoming traffic to Tanglewood Nursing Home and within the 30 mph speed limit in October. We took it in turns to operate the speed “gun” and, during the 50 minutes that we were standing there, six motorists were “caught” with speeds well in excess of 30 mph.

Indeed, most of the vehicles that were “caught” were travelling between 38 mph and 42 mph and were in the main women drivers.

We intend having another volunteer “session” with PCSO Nigel Wass and his speed “gun” during November and we propose next time to be in the 40 mph area for outgoing traffic which we know consistently approach 50 mph and beyond.

We know this fact as we all live in this area and observe it!

I would ask you to print my letter in reply to the article as I ,and the other volunteers, feel that the article is misleading.

Keith Baguley,

Lancaster Avenue, Horncastle

Editor’s note: I do not feel the article is misleading. We can only stipulate our reporter’s findings, on that day there was no speeding doing that time period. We do state in the article that on a different day officers may find different results.