LETTER: Stop pointing fingers and act

Yet again your letters page appears to be dominated with letters appearing to point the finger of blame at Councillor Aron.

In reply to the one from Mr O Neill he states the exact number of councillors are standing thus depriving the voting electorate the chance to vote on the actions of the town council planning committee chairman.

Not true ! in fact there is a shortfall in the number of councillors required to stage an election in fact there will be two vacancies on the newly formed council.

Perhaps if the regular complainants on your letters page with regard to councillor Aron and his activities in office or non activities as they see it had spent a few short minutes filling the forms required to stand for election to the town council they could have made an election take place then us the voting public would have had the chance to express an opinion perhaps anybody who wishes to take these matters up would like approach the council and seek co-option after May 7th.

If not then perhaps we should move on and wish all the new councillors good luck in their endeavours for Horncastle’s continued prosperity.

David Lawrence

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