LETTER: Spoiling Horncastle’s character with faceless development is not progress

I read with interest Sarah Nelson’s letter about the need for new development in Horncastle. I am also in my mid twenties but unlike her I have recently chosen to move to the town when I took up a job nearby. I grew up in Hampshire, and have lived in London and Leicester and can certainly say that I am very happy to have settled in the town that she left.

Many people, including myself, are attracted to Horncastle because of its beautiful unspoilt character. It’s a friendly place to live, with great independent shops, good schools and is surrounded by nice countryside. Whilst it is true that it lacks a cinema, and wild nightlife, this is hardly surprising given its size, you’d have to move to a large town or city to find that in any part of the country… most villages don’t have a Kinema!

Building new estates of poky poor quality houses in impractical locations such as on Langton Hill will not bring jobs to Horncastle. What will create jobs is sensible development of the industrial estate and a proactive approach from the town and district councils to marketing the town’s character to help attract visitors and businesses.

However, things do need to move with the times in Horncastle. I could not agree more that parking charges are not the be all and end all. Public transport is clearly a problem since buses are extortionate, infrequent, start too late and finish too early to be of any use to anyone with a job nearby.

Horncastle has some great shops but what is the point in continuing to keep the opening hours from the days when housewives did the shopping. This only pushes trade to supermarkets and out of town. I pass the cafe on my road every day but since its only open 10:00 to 3:00 I don’t expect I will ever be in the right place at the right time to buy a coffee there.

I also went home for Christmas, but to Hampshire, and was sad at the fate of the place where I grew up. Developers have thrown up even more cheap ugly houses in the fields all around my home town in search of a quick profit, and each time I go back the place is less and less recognisable. I implore readers not let that happen to Horncastle.

Ian Marshman

West Street, Horncastle