LETTER: Speed is not the issue for these tractors, overloading is!

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With regard to the recent tractor crash in Tattershall, I don’t think that a reduced speed limit would have much of an impact, for instance very few cars stick to the speed limits and when did you ever get stuck behind a tractor doing more than twenty miles an hour?

The main point is the loading of these vehicles, many straw bales have just one strap to secure an uneven load, and please don’t get me on the subject or trailers overloaded 
with produce, falling out at every bump and turn, should they not have a net over the top?

With extra thanks to the tractor pulling out of Ivy Lane today, overloaded with what is politely termed as dung, which was spilling out everywhere, very nice, and the smell just ‘wonderful.’ It left a wonderful decoration on the car.

Thank you for your attention, which no doubt will be one letter among many on this subject.

Mrs Gwen McLellan

Heathcote Road, Coningsby