LETTER: Sorry if I missed my supporters - Colin Mair

The other Wednesday I got a call on my mobile phone while on the way to Grimsby for Nigel Farage’s visit.

It was the press office at UKIP who were quite excited by a web site that they said I had created and a twitter account in my name that 
they said had a lot of nasty racist entries that I had made.

They insisted I turn round and go straight home to sort it out as the national press had been alerted and were all over them. I told them I did not have a web site and the twitter account was not mine.

Nevertheless I turned round and went back to Coningsby to sort things out.

It turns out that I was right and the Twitter account was suspended.

Apparently I had apparently put around 60 nasty comments out early that morning, all at the same time.

Subsequently it turns out the accounts had been created by somebody called Joshua Paine, from Yeovil in Somerset, so they tell me.

This person is apparently notorious for doing this sort of thing.

I eventually went to Grimsby, where I had arranged an interview and photo-shoot with Nigel, but my tardiness plus his packed schedule lost me the opportunity.

All I can do is apologise to anybody in the Louth and Horncastle constituency who may think they were ignored on the day.

In any case these visits by high profile national personalities are just 
sound bytes, and as usual I am sure we will be ignored by these people for the next 5 years after the election, Lincolnshire being left to us locals as usual.

Colin Mair

PCC for UKIP in Louth and Horncastle