LETTER: SO Festival - tops marks for effort but could do better

Let me start of a positive and thank whoever’s decision it was to bring the opening of the SO Festival to Horncastle.

I am aware the number of people who attended was perhaps down on last year. Certainly, the queues at the fish and chip shops were not as long.

I attended with my two children and have to say the entertainment in the Market Place was first class.

However, I have got to ask - what else was on offer?

I realise money is tight - and budgets only stretch so far - but in my opinion there was a lack of entertainment.

Some of the street theatre was bizarre and quite honestly, the performers looked as interested as the good people og Horncastle who were walking around looking for something to do.

That was particularly evident in the very large gap between the children’s fun ending and the start of the lighting shows.

It must have been 10pm before it was properly dark enough to witness the buildings being lit up.

By then, my children were ready for home.

A bit of live music - or a few stalls to look round - would have gone down a treat.

I remember organisers last year saying they had learned their lessons.

Hopefully, this will be the case from this year if - as I and other hope - the 2015 Festival returns to Horncastle.

As my old school report often said - top marks for effort but could do better.

Helen Cooper