LETTER: Show you have pride in Horncastle and get the jobs done

Once again the Town Council seem to be incapable of taking realistic comments and concerns and acting on them for the benefit of the Town. Instead they adopt the “Teflon style” of management

The article in the Horncastle News, 17 September page 7, quotes various Councillors and I comment as follows.

Cllr Baker asks if this is the view of all Town Businesses. Obviously Cllr Baker visits the Town very infrequently otherwise she would see for herself the problems rightly identified by the Federation.

Cllr Wilkinson must live in another Town to Horncastle or is he also blind to the state of the Town Centre.

He challenges the Federation as to what they are doing. I will answer this by saying I produced 10 topics that needed to be addressed by the Town Council and the ELDC members and the LCC councillor and apart from 1 they remain outstanding after many, many months, to the shame of the Town Council and ELDC and LCC.

The Town Council stated several issues are being addressed and made reference to listing several positives. Fine words but they are meaningless unless the Town Council spells out what they mean.

Cllr Roark fails to address what is not happening in the Town Centre and the Market Place and the High Street where the state of the Market Place is a disgrace to the town.

Tree surrounds full of silt and overgrown, cobbles left damaged and repaired using gobs of tarmac, gullies overflowing, edging slabs to the market square are becoming more damaged and dangerous when wet or in winter snow and ice. 
Street and pavement cleaning is not regular despite 2 new machines purchased by ELDC, over 12 months ago.

Whilst Cllr Campbell Wardman is correct that the Town Council cannot be responsible for businesses closing the Town Council can do more to make the Town attractive to residents and visitors alike.

What happened to the “green up scheme” of 2 years ago. 3 lamp post flower boxes is a pretty poor attempt compared to Woodhall Spa, Spilsby and Wragby. The Council even pay to have the 3 flower boxes watered by someone from outside the Town. At what cost?

I challenge Cllr Roark as a Landscape gardener to take the GREEN UP Programme, on board, as the councillor responsible and produce a scheme, with sponsors, for Spring 2015. Hanging baskets, flower boxes on bridges and railings, planters at strategic points around the Town, in addition to those already in place.

His expertise should be able to produce a scheme we can be proud of and ready for Spring/Summer 2015.

Cllr Lamb walks round the Town regularly. I challenge him to address the poor state of pavements, peeling paint on lamp posts and signs and ensure that the Town Centre is kept clean and tidy.

I challenge the three district councillors to address the issues that come under ELDC including the car parking problems and the unfair situation that now exists with the coast.

As for Cllr Aron he is now conspicuous by his absence since leaving his High Street business. I still await answers to several concerns from my list of 10 and the FOI relating to the felled tree in Wharf Road and why the gullies in the same road remain blocked and covered in weeds. He still cant be “looking into it”

Town Council show some backbone and address the issues and stop defending the indefensible. Show you have pride in the Town.

Richard Barker

Business Owner