LETTER: Shocked to see Woodhall Spa asset given away

As a member of the public who lives and works in Woodhall Spa, I was shocked and very disappointed to see our local council vote to pass ownership of Jubilee Park to an external company who nobody appeared to know about, everything has been conducted in secrecy and at least ONE of the councillors declared an interest as he was going to be a director of the company and then voted for it!

No doubt ELDC will do nothing as they just let these things go, especially if it is something like this. There were councillors who had no problem passing this asset over to an unknown quantity, when it all goes wrong I hope these individuals will have enough dignity to admit they were wrong, but maybe not.

From what I understand the new company are going to focus their efforts on building a fitness gym and charge people to use it. With at least least 20 gyms a month closing around the country this is the most ridiculous plan and from what I could gather there is no other plan!

So, well done Woodhall Spa Parish Council, the jewel in the crown for all the village and its many visitors will now pass to a private company who appear to have a very unsound business plan which could jeopardise the future of the park for generations to come, if it goes the way many predict developers will be queuing up in a few years and the park will be gone forever.

Alf Feelgood

Woodhall Spa