LETTER: Serious questions need asking of our Horncastle councillors

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With less than 12 months to next Town and District Council elections perhaps we should reflect on the “moral corruption” that our local Councils have shown in the last three years and how they have failed the electorate who voted them in.

It has been well documented how the elected LCC member for the Town secured a landslide victory as a member of the Lincolnshire Independent Group and then ignored his party and sided with the Conservative party to help them gain a majority.

Would the 1,400 or so supporters have been as faithful if they had known Coun Aron would changed sides and compound this decision by accepting the Vice Chair of the County Council as a “reward” for his treachery.

He is now elevated to the Chairmanship of the LCC for this electoral year, promising to help small businesses and promote tourism. How do you propose to deliver this promise Coun Aron?

His promise to save Library Hours has failed. This “really helps tourism” in Horncastle, as the facility is NOT open when most needed and the unanimous plea of many hundreds of people, particularly Students, has yet again fallen on deaf ears. Another broken promise.

The ELDC have demonstrated a wholly undemocratic attitude towards the electorate supported by Couns Martin and Campbell-Wardman, in Horncastle, supporting ill-conceived and flawed policies.

Car Parking charges are not a level playing field in Horncastle and the Town is suffering badly. We need a one/two hour free time in ALL car parks, like Woodhall Spa.

Over zealous Traffic Wardens putting visitors and locals off coming to the Town.

Poorly performing Markets impact on the Town week on week.

The state of the Market Place is dangerous and detracts from the character of the Town.

Lack of Tourism office hours and facilities to help the visitors.

As for the Town Council, they currently have 3 vacancies. The fourth vacancy seemed to be filled without any publicity prior to the event. The Town Council should have called a by election to fill all 4 places. Furthermore one has to ask what do the Town Council do to promote and help the Town?

It’s time to move on regarding the District by-election. ELDC got it wrong, but are too arrogant to admit this failure. Cllr Lamb has likened Horncastle to “Dodge City” and now a “Third World Country”, both quotes from the Horncastle News. His attendance, last year, at an equality and diversity training session seems to have fallen on deaf ears. He owes the Town an apology. He brings the Council and the Town into disrepute and he should resign.

As for Cllr Roark complaining about voters not knowing the date of the by- election, “but if they had they would have voted for him”, shows how ineffective his campaign was. The onus is on the candidate to promote himself and the election, and not hope a few selective leaflets will do the job. You earn success. Cllr Avision won and that’s the end of it. However, it will be interesting to see how he approaches local concerns or will he be forced to follow the party line to the detriment of what is best for Horncastle.

Democracy at all levels of Government is morally corrupt. We intend to expose the failings of our elected members. It will be an interesting 12 months.

Richard Barker