LETTER: Serious concern over Langton Hill development in Horncastle

As a resident of Horncastle for many years, I am very concerned about the planned development of Langton Hill.

Horncastle is a lovely rural market town with a beautiful backdrop of agricultural fields. This backdrop is provided, in the West, by Langton Hill. Gladman Developments wish to take this away from us.

They already have one plan going through the appeal process as ELDC quite rightly turned this plan down. They have now submitted a second plan which is very similar to the first.

However, these “plans” are a fairy story. They have been dreamt up simply as a means to an end - to get outline planning permission.

Any “plans” they have put forward for the site will bear little or no relation to any actual housing built, if they were ever, regrettably, awarded permission to build.

Horncastle should not simply roll over and accept that it is simply inevitable that Langton Hill will be built on.

Horncastle and its people should stand up for what they believe in.

Our way of life is under threat. Our rural market town could be destroyed. Our doctors, schools, dentists and roads could be overwhelmed.

The historic centre of Horncastle could be under water far more regularly than it is currently and our green backdrop would become a concrete “blot on the landscape” visible from miles around.

Should we allow this to happen simply because Gladman Developments want to make a quick profit? No!! We should fight for what we believe is right. Fight for our way of life. Fight to protect our town.

I greatly appreciate the efforts being made by The Save Langton Hill Action Group and I urge the people of Horncastle to make their voices heard.

It is time, as a resident of Horncastle, to stand up and be counted.

Name and address supplied.