LETTER: Same old story from Westminster - more cuts

So, it was the usual Merry Christmas and happy New Year from our police and councils.

They all give themselves a good, old slap on the back for everything they have done.

Oh - and by the way - could we have some more of your money please?

District Council tax up. County Council tax up. Police tax up.

All we seem to hear are the same tired old excuses about cuts in funding from Westminster.

Then, we see who much some of these big-wigs are earning.

Why did we need all these councillors?

Why do we need a police and crime commissioner?

I trust I’ll remember how much I am paying for my services...the next time I see a council road-sweeper, a proper bobby on the beat or try to get an appointment at the doctor’s surgery.

Remember, we can all have our say when the elections are held in May.

The trouble is, is what is waiting in the wings any better than what we’ve got now?

Eric Lambert

Woodhall Spa