LETTER: Sad to hear of resignation

What a shame to read of the resignation of Maureen Traves from the Wong Working Group.

Whatever reason has driven this good lady to resign, and to deprive that Committee of her input, it is very noticeable that this is yet ANOTHER ‘departure’ from a Committee Chaired by Cllr. Aron - and history repeating itself following the recent resignations from The Stanhope Hall and the War Memorial Centre.

This may just be coincidental, OR proof positive that yet another worthy organisation is bleeding valuable volunteers people due to poor, autocratic, and inflexible

Also within the letters columns, one correspondent states that he has received a ‘poison pen’ letter critical of his printed views on Cllr. Aron.

This individual does not have the backbone to identify themselves, and to openly dispute the opinion expressed, by a reasoned defence - preferring instead the cowardly way of responding by anonymous abuse through the post.

One wonders who this nasty individual could be - ? could it be the “subject’ of the letter - a family member - or just a misguided and misinformed member of the public put up to do this, who has no understanding or knowledge of the background to the issues raised openly and honestly in the News?

Perhaps they would like to come forward to counter those views, and show some backbone, by identifying themselves at the same time so that readers can make their own minds up on the views expressed.

Ron Fisher

Hemingby Way