LETTER: Resignation call as Lincolnshire County Council taxpayers to foot libraries legal bill

It has recently been announced that Lincolnshire County Council have been ordered by the Courts to pay all the fees incurred during the Judicial Review over Library Cuts.

Will this be another kick in the teeth for hard pressed council tax payers, on top of the money wasted by Lincolnshire County Council on an illegal consultation, and the money wasted on a Barrister and other costs defending the illegal consultation?

The ruling Tory executive was told repeatedly that the consultation was flawed, but they refused to listen. This is the same Conservative Party that prides itself on telling us all that they are the party of low taxation, and the most efficient at running local services.

I suggest that now is the time for Martin Hill, Nick Worth et al to do the right thing and pay all the unnecessarily money that they have wasted back to the taxpayer from their own pockets.

If they are not prepared to do this then they are not fit to hold office and should resign.

Andrew Bowell

By email