LETTER: Residents are responsible for drainage issues

The inquiry for the Mareham Road development took place on Thursday January 8 at Manby.

The ELDC did not contest the appeal and the planners indicated that they would accede to the application. This was the result of the appellant claiming that a drainage route had been identified.

While the ELDC did not speak against the appeal, there were a number of objections to the development from Horncastle.

The Town Council, ELDC councillor Fiona Martin, a resident and former chairman of Town Council Planning, The Horncastle History sand Heritage Society and a resident of Wesley Way spoke against the application. Focus on these rebuttals was predominantly upon drainage and a strong opposition was mounted. The appellant made it clear that riparian rights of drainage were claimed. This meant that neighbouring landowners under which the drainage is alleged to flow on its route to Thunkers Drain would be legally required to give right of drainage. The appellant made it clear that these residents would be responsible to ensure this at their own cost.

The History and Heritage Society believe that the opposition they have mounted over the many months the application has run will reduce the chance of Thunkers Drain flooding. This protects the Horncastle Conservation Area but offers no relief for residents adjacent to the development site.

The outcome of the Inspector’s deliberations will not be published for several weeks.

Dr David Lawrence

Horncastle History and Heritage Society