LETTER: Questions for Mareham le Fen councillors

Dear sir, I recently commented on an article in the Horncastle News, about the proposed new village hall in Mareham le Fen.

I am led to believe that this comment and the questions I asked do not seem to have gone down to well with certain person’s sitting on the parish council in this village.

I have emailed the parish clerk to request a copy of the minutes of this meeting only to be told I will have to wait until they have been posted in the village notice board.

This reply I believe was from the chairman of the parish council so I asked could he provide me with any answers about these comments as yet i am still waiting.

The people behind this building chose to use the press as the medium of choice to promote it and I feel my comments were relative to the article as i read it,

If this proposed expensive building were being sought in my parish as a ratepayer I would have asked and made the very same questions and comments.

The village hall management committee do not seem to find it such a problem as they have gone out of their way to invite me personally to a meeting where they hope they will be able to facilitate the answers to my comments it seems that other letters and email’s published in your paper have chosen to remain anonymous.

Perhaps they are residents of this parish and, as a non-resident of this parish if there is any truth in the reaction about my comments from the parish council I can see why

D Lawrence

By Email