LETTER: Questions for council over Horncastle election

The Horncastle News reported disquiet at the lack of voting papers, in certain parts of Horncastle, saying this affected the result and the turnout. Interesting to note that the voting cards for the European elections were sent out before the bye election, I assume to All households. Once again ELDC fail the electorate.

2 letters in the same paper are worthy of comment.

Coun Doreen Stephenson once again demonstrates the failure of elected members of ELDC to fight for the people and wards they were elected too.

After an extensive and expensive survey, 80% plus of the electorate of ELDC were against green waste charges, why did ELDC agree to the charges and why were supported by the elected District Councillors of Horncastle?

So much for working for the good of the Town. When I asked her personally to consider FREE parking during the disruptive Gas Main works she dismissed my request out of hand, a decision reflected by Cllrs Martin and Campbell Wardman.

The Independent candidate made reference to working as a team with the 2 Current District Councillors which would not have bode well for the aspirations of the Town.

We want people who are their own person and can make their decisions based on well thought out policies, which were NOT stated.

Car Parking charges are a disgrace. In Horncastle we pay from the first minute we enter a car park, but Woodhall has at least 1 hour free. The Wong charges after 2 hours when it was previously FREE all day and night.

How does this make a “positive difference for the quality of life for those we represent”? Get real Cllr Stephenson and ELDC!

In the second letter Mr Fisher suggests the lack of turnout was pathetic and the “best man for the job didn’t get elected.” I didn’t think there was a best man for the job based on the total lack of visibility and engagement of any of the 3 candidates with the electorate.

Anyone who stands for election has to be prepared to spend time and personal effort not only distributing leaflets to ALL households, but promote by notices on, or in, buildings to make the electorate aware and to EARN your vote.

Why did no candidate call a public debate? Why did no candidate hold meetings in the Market Square to promote their credentials?

Why did no candidate go round before election day using public address systems to make people aware? Nobody did real face to face canvassing. WHY?

The failure of ELDC to issue every voter with voting cards is a disgrace but is NOT a reason to complain about the turnout in itself.

That is the candidates responsibility if they are serious in standing

Election leaflets should clearly state the intended polices that the candidate will promote and try and secure. Only 2 met that minimum standard, so whether you come 2nd or 3rd you lose.

The good news is you can ALL have another go in 12 months time.

Richard Barker

Former Town Councillor