LETTER: Put your name where your mouth is

Following my letter of the 5 February, Horncastle News, I was interested to see a response, on the website, prior to the paper being published, by an unnamed source.

This sums up the lack of moral fibre and backbone that this person demonstrates.

Have the decency to name yourself otherwise it invalidates your comments.

Secondly if you are going to criticise an individual get all the facts right, which you have singularly failed to do.

Anyone voted onto the Town Council or District or County, has a duty of care to represent the electorate, something I have always tried to do.

I have always called it as it is and if individuals take exception to straight talking, then that is their prerogative but don’t complain about the truth.

As Aristotle said; “the High minded man must care more for the truth than what people think”.

Time to move on

Richard Barker