LETTER: Protocol needs to be followed in Wong case and for councillors to do their jobs

Your lead story “It’s all gone Wong” I have great respect for Maureen Traves and would urge her to reconsider her resignation from the Wong group for the following reasons.

ELDC used the same tactics against the Community Park Group some years ago. That is non-co-operation, sow confusion, tell barefaced lies, stone wall try to wind up people so they have an excuse to walk away as the group are angry and aggressive.

The officer and Councillor would have been briefed as such by the Portfolio holder, the Chief Executive and Council leader to adopt this position to disrupt the and nullify the group. The officer and attending councillor would have no remit to give anything.

What is of concern is the protocol and procedure used by the Chair. This should, be to present the Feasibility Study results to the Town Council for democratic approval to proceed.

If approved then it for the three ELDC elected councillors to take it to Manby for debate. The Chair should follow correct protocol and let the Town Council and District Councillors do their job.

Mr Aron is being duplicitous in his statements “ELDC are using the Wong as a cash cow” and his statements on planning likewise (if he can be bothered to turn up) it is the Conservative Government that has stripped councils of their grants impairing their ability to operate and scrabbling for funds.

It is the Conservative Government that has abused the planning system allowing a developers charter (even on green field land).Has it slipped his attention that he is the Chairman of the Conservative led and controlled County Council that supports their party policy. Beware of snake oil salesmen next May.

I eagerly look forward to my to my next poison pen letter, nothing more than a crude attempt to stifle free speech akin to the cowardly acts in “La Belle France”.

Gerry O’Neill

Member of “The Campaign To Protect Rural England”.