LETTER: Potholes still a problem for Lincolnshire

I hate to hammer on about roads but nothing seems to be changing in this County.

A lot of extra money was put into the road repair budget in 2014 and this £11 million appears to have been used up leaving us now potless, according to Highways, until the new financial year starts.

Quality of pothole repairs continues to be generally poor, as was stated recently in the media by the leader of Lincolnshire 
County Council, citing our stretched budget as the reason for this.

The very poor repair at Hawthorne Hill near Coningsby, as recently reported in the Horncastle News, has weeds growing through the tarmac.

It was reported that the crew had simply cold rolled tarmac over weeds and now we see the consequences.

This unacceptable situation stems partly from the admission by County Highways that repair crews monitor the quality of their own work.

What do you think a crew will do if they think nobody monitors the quality of their work? We have footpaths grown over with weeds and grass, forcing children to walk on busy roads to and from Primary School.

The footpaths of course are way down the pecking order when it comes to prioritising repair work. I had this week a local council chairman, in a meeting, say that they would get better repairs if they had a Conservative County Councillor.

If this is true it is disgraceful that people’s lives are being put at risk for political reasons, but of course we have similar problems all over the county no matter what County Councillor they have.

Lincolnshire is right at the bottom in this country in terms of per capita funding and there is no sign of this changing. Lincolnshire has been largely conservative for a long time and this has done the county no favours under a Conservative or Labour government.

They just don’t seem to care about us.

Colin Mair

Lincolnshire County Councillor for Tattershall Castle ward