LETTER: Portaloo On Arnhem Way, Woodhall Spa

I thought I would write in, regarding Mr Keegan’s amusing letter about the Portaloo on my driveway.

Mr Keegan needn’t have got his ‘hackle’ up bout this temporary water feature.

It’s gone now because the drive is completed and we need the space for the workmen to install the gates, railings and stone lions like we had on Grove Drive.

Besides, theere’s nothing wrong with an outside ‘karzi’ - we had one growing up in Margate and breaking the ice on a winters morning is very character building.

I can’t comment on Mr Keegan’s observations on ‘reading matter’ or sartorial tastes but if he would even wish to join me and the missus on the patio for a crab supper and glass of Blue Nun, he’d be very welcome.

Russ Blakey,

Arnhem Way, Woodhall Spa