LETTER: Politics, deceit and empty promises reach Woodhall Spa

So, the normal practices of everyday politics finally reach Woodhall Spa. Deceit, empty promises and bare faced lies.

What am I talking about? What else but the transfer of the management of Jubilee Park to ‘The business brains of FOJP’, a quote from Mr Barry Chapman made at the Parish Meeting on 27th March.

Let’s first look at the deceit, the Directors of JPWS, selling their plan to the unsuspecting villagers that the only way to make the park sustainable was to build a fitness suite.

Well, it now transpires that they may be making a u-turn, they are rethinking that idea, in so far as they may not build said fitness suite.

For those who didn’t know, or lost their invite, businesses and the parish council were invited by the directors of JPWS for drinks and nibbles at the Petwood Hotel to offer their ideas as to how to take the park forward. In other words how to make money and fill the deficit because they don’t know.

Were we, the mere mortals not led to believe the business brains had all this in hand and ready to go as soon as the ink was dry on the lease? Obviously not.

Secondly empty promises, the community will be able to have their say. When?

It will be a community run venture. Yes, but only if you pay your £10 for the privilege and become a member of FOJP.

Finally. ‘The parish councillors have seen the business plan’ that statement was made by the parish council chairman at the parish meeting on 19th April 2014. How so? When by their own admission, the directors of JPWS still haven’t got a business plan.

So many questions so few answers.

There is a hardcore group of people in the village who would stop at nothing to get their hands on Jubilee Park, intimidation, threats and plain bullyboy tactics especially when it looked like ‘their park’ was slipping away from their grasp.

Then suddenly after spitting their dummies out and stamping their feet they were invited back to the 
table to ‘reconsider their position’.

The main clause that JPWS insisted needed to come out of the lease which the parish council had voted back in and subsequently led to the resignation of three parish councillors, was finally left in the lease and JPWS agreed to sign. What changed? Would we get to know the strategy of these business brains? Alas no.

However we have been assured by district Cllr Leyland, Mr Keegan, Mr Chapman and Mr Goodyear that Jubilee Park is now ‘In safe hands’. I wonder.

Unfortunately no one will be accountable for the way the parish council has handled the whole sorry business of the park transfer because, after taking legal advice, it will cost far too much to take it even to the first stage of litigation so I will not be applying for a Judicial Review.

No doubt my usual critics will read this and believe it to be sour grapes, that I didn’t get listened to and I want Jubilee Park to fail.

They can say what they like because I know the truth and the people who matter to me know the truth.

I also believe that there well may have been a case to answer. I hold the parish council wholly responsible and firmly believe 
this community has been let down.

Those involved with giving the park away should hang their heads in shame.

The pool may be open this year but I wonder what the future holds.

I would like to finish by thanking those who believed in me, I’m sorry I let you down and thanks also to this newspaper for giving me the chance to have a voice.

Daphne Robinson

Woodhall Spa