LETTER: Plea to thoughtless dog owners

May I through the columns of your paper ask of the few idle, thoughtless dog owners of our community, when are they going to start to show a little respect for others users of our town’s pavements and start to clean up after their dogs, instead of leaving their dog’s droppings to be paddled all over by in many cases young mothers with prams and pushchairs taking their young children to and from school, not to mention the elderly and partially sighted?

It doesn’t take long to pick up a bit of dirt so come on the few guilty ones, show a bit of respect for the town and other users of the streets.

If you feel you can’t then ask yourselves, are you fit to own a dog? After seeing the state of the paths in North Street over the past couple of weeks, my feelings are those who do not clean up after their dogs are not responsible dog owners.

George Chester

Mareham Road