LETTER: Planning conditions must now be enforced on Langton Hill developers

Unless there are legal reasons to challenge this decision, which I would suggest there are not, then Horncastle will have to live with the fact that 300 houses will be built on the site.

It may take 10 years, but what the Town need to do is to ensure that every one of the

Planning Conditions contained within the Appeal Approval are complied with in the correct time scales and the design, to ensure flooding due to storm water runoff into the existing storm drains, does not impact on houses down Langton Hill and in the Town.

The County Council, ELDC and the Town Council and the Statutory Authorities of Anglia

Water and the Environment Agency, have a duty of care, to see that the design of the infrastructure and any upgrading, meets the stated requirements of the conditions imposed on the developer.

The town, led by the Town Council and its Planning Committee, must take responsibility for ensuring the proper safe guards are in place at all stages, with regular consultation with

ELDC Planning Department and through proactive District Ward Councillors in the future. ELDC, who have failed the Town due to their lack of clear and approved policies, have to also ensure the Town is properly protected by the rigorous implementation of all 20 conditions.

The developers are legally bound to deliver each condition within the time scales stated in the Appeal Notice and ELDC and LCC were appropriate enforce these in the laid down timescale.

We cannot have the situation of Bells Yard not having the junction with the Louth Road in place five years after the development was finished.

According to the Inspector, he gave limited weight to the Neighbourhood Development Plan, in his report item 17 which does not bold well for the Mareham Road Appeal.

He also stated that as the Neighbourhood Development Plan, did not allocate land for housing and other forms of development, item 18 of the Appeal Report, it carried little weight.

Perhaps, during this consultation phase of the Neighbourhood Development Plan, greater emphasis should be placed on where the Town wishes to see expansion rather that dealing only with design issues.

The Plan covers the next 15 years so it must be clear in its approach to expansion both of Housing, Industrial and Commercial Development.

Planning is first and foremost about land use, location and infrastructure which includes the adequacy of services, drainage and roads and amenities.

These need to be clearly defined and made part of any application even at outline stage.

Richard Barker RIBA.