LETTER: People need time to browse in Horncastle without threat of parking wardens

Richard Ingram-Hill is right about parking and enforcement issues damaging trade in Horncastle.

In every shop and cafe I hear the same, “must go or I’ll get a parking fine.”

Horncastle, perhaps uniquely, is the ideal ‘browsing town’. Its many bookshops and antique emporia demand a browsing mentality.

In turn, the browsing tourist will need to ‘de-browse’ in one of those fine coffee shops Mr Ingram-Hill refers to.

And there is so much to look at, or purchase, in even those places that time is needed. Sadly ELDC’S statistics on parking will be correct - I see full car parks in Horncastle on every one of the four days a week I am there - but how long do people stay? I see just as many departures as arrivals.

Once Horncastle proclaims itself as a ‘browsers paradise’ we could be some way to solving the problem. Image is paramount and I have always said Horncastle is like a Dutch water town with gorgeous river walks, lovely old clusters of buildings, well kept gardens, mews and yards awaiting discovery.

Goodness, we even have a zebra on Hemingby Lane. I would ask ELDC to look at Horncastle’s image and envisage its success by creating positive parking policies.

Edward Mayor

Woodhall Spa