LETTER: Oh no what can the matter be, aunt left locked in Louth lavatory

The article about the autistic boy locked into the library reminded me of an incident a few years ago.

The family were told the closing time of the library; they knew his condition meant he would not register any concept of closing times. Surely it was their responsibility to collect him before 4pm instead of blaming staff?

Because of the recent changes from long-serving professional staff to volunteers it probably was an oversight not to inform them of the spare key.

My aunt and uncle were visiting so we went for lunch in a Chinese restaurant in Louth.

It was upstairs. I waited outside for my aunt, but became concerned as the staff left and she had not appeared. Suddenly a face appeared at a small upstairs window and my aunt called down she had gone to the toilet and been locked in the building.

The only recourse was to contact the police to trace the owner for a key. It took nearly an hour, but all she cared about was getting out. We have laughed about it many times since.

Name and address supplied.