LETTER: Now is the time to stand up and be counted in Woodhall Spa election

By collecting the required signatures I’ve instigated an election in Woodhall for the four vacancies on our Parish Council. This is the opportunity for people to get themselves nominated and stand in this election.

The council cannot now co-opt who they choose as a councillor instead the community decides.

The practice of co-option is an undemocratic one. The authoritative website on local government CPALC describes it as a “cancerous” practice; perhaps intemperate language but I agree with the sentiment. Because, co-option results in a council of people who don’t represent anyone and aren’t known in the community. And here in Woodhall we have seen what happens – one needs look no further than the PC’s divisive role in Jubilee Park.

Sadly, it looks like our PC fail to realise just to what a degree they don’t represent our community.

I’m very disappointed that Coun Clark has once again been voted in as the chairman.

After all that has happened over Jubilee Park and the damage to the PC’s reputation this is not the action of a PC looking to re-build its standing in the community.

This is the opportunity to bring change to our Parish Council and make it representative of the community. I urge community minded people to stand in the election.

I do hope more than four stand to force people to vote as opposed to there just being a “walk in”. This will put the willies up several and galvanise them into action: I’m going to stand.

Nomination papers can be collected from the PC offices and need to be into the Returning Officer by 4pm on the May 30

Graham Keegan

Woodhall Spa