LETTER: Nothing but praise for Tetford Care Home and its staff

We are absolutely astounded by the report we read in the Horncastle News today, Wednesday 22/01/2014. By the Care Quality Commission on the condition of the care home known as the “South Wolds Nursing Home” Tetford.

Our first reaction was, if the conditions, care and security of the elderly residents is so appalling why have the families of the residents not been informed?.

Do the CQC have a duty of care? And, responsibility to, the residents and their families? To have this “Report” so headlined is both upsetting for the residents and worrying for their next of kin. To whom is the CQC accountable? Because, accountable they must be for the unexpected public announcement and lack of care and protection of the very people they are, at public expense, supposed to be protecting.

My wife and I have worked in residential care for elderly and children for many years prior to our retirement and have seen many good and not so good residential care homes within Lincolnshire and have had cause to complain on more than one occasion. We know how it feels to see elderly loved ones not being cared for and respected by those entrusted with their wellbeing.

When my own mother became unable to properly care for herself 10 years ago we brought her into our own home and looked after her needs until December 2012.

Unfortunately she suffered two strokes both of which necessitated Hospital care. The first entailed a lengthy stay in Lincoln County Hospital.

The second was on Christmas Day 2011 was not so severe but whilst in Boston Pilgrim Hospital she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. We were concerned that we would not be able to meet her needs and give the care required. She was released from hospital at 9pm, 21:00hrs and my son and myself provided transport as the hospital could not. Social services were excellent in their support and mother was admitted to South Wolds Nursing Home just before midnight on the 6th January 2012.

The nursing home staff immediately made mum comfortable after her long journey from Boston, important relevant paper work was completed and mum was reassured , given food and drinkand made comfortabhle in bed before we left. Initially this was for respite and recovery but subsequent assessments required care which we could not provide in our own home and she has therefore been resident in South Wolds since that decision was taken.

My mother has been very happy there and still is to this day we last saw her on Monday 20/01/2014 she looked very well and contented and as usual expressed her happiness with her care and the “Lovely” caring staff whom she obviously loves and trusts. He calls them her friends as she cannot remember names.

Our children and grandchildren visit mum on a regular basis and we have NEVER, NEVER, had concerns over her care and safety. Both her grandchildren are working in the care sector and have always found the home welcoming and caring and willing to help when asked for special conditions, such as private rooms to celebrate birthdays etc.

I have not heard one complaint from any one when telling others where mum is living, the usual reply is “Oh yes we know of them, it is really nice there”.

We never make announced visits nor do we need to and we have been in the home at virtually every hour of the day and have not encountered any of the problems which are alleged in this report.

Before we allowed mum to reside at South Wold we had the opportunity to observe the treatment and care of the residents and discus with appropriate agencies the suitability of the home in meeting her needs. Without exception all were positive.

One final thing prior to and many years ago before Mr Shailen Munnien his family and team of carers took over South Wold Nursing home my wife worked there for a short time but left because she was not happy with the care provided for the residents so you will understand that we were very careful before we let our mother be admitted.

It beggars belief that this type of report/reporting/sensationalism with little or no regard for all the people involved, could potentially destroy what is a valuable resource for our elderly population. I thought the US were supposed to be the exponents of “Shock and Awe” but they certainly have some competition here.

Would I be happy to live in South Wold Nursing Home being looked after by Shailen and his team?

The answer? is an emphatic Yes.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Shailen and his team for the love and very good care they provide for our mum she is very happy there and always looks clean, well dressed and her needs being very well met.

Frank,Cynthia Speake and Family of Gwen 91 years

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