LETTER: No need to criticise hardworking Horncastle councillors

Further to the letter by Richard Barker (News 25th June).

Whilst I fully endorse his views on the treachery of the elected LCC Member towards the electorate, for monetary reward, it is hoped that the electors will remember this deception, and use their votes much more wisely next time by approving a candidate who will demonstrate a greater degree of integrity, rather than self promotion and greed for monetary advantage

However, whilst I agree several of his opinions on wider subjects, such as ELDC, I do NOT agree his views on individually (named) Councillors - which I feel are inaccurate, spiteful and uncalled for, to say the least.

Councillors Martin and Campbell-Wardman have both worked long and hard for the Town over many years.

They have dedicated much of their time to helping, encouraging, and doing their best for Horncastle, often to the detriment of their private lives, - and whilst Mr Barker may consider they have not always made the decisions that would please him, at least they have given due consideration to whatever the topic is, and made a reasoned judgement accordingly.

National politicians do not always do the right thing - and (of course) WE all know the correct course of action, better than they do - and AFTER the event !!!

As for the disparaging comments about Cllrs Roark and Lamb - they are most unfair and uncalled for.

Both Councillors have also worked hard for Horncastle, and I well recall the dedication and effort they both put into, upgrading, improving and maintaining the Town cemetery, allotments and children’s play areas. Cllr. Roark often providing equipment (free of charge), and time off from running his own business, together with much physical working effort by both Councillors on those important projects.

As for the voting debacle, this was yet another classic example of ELDC incompetence in depriving ALL electors a voting card.

Of course they display arrogance by not re running that election, trotting out the usual pc diatribe in a response to me - and I quote the e mail I received from them: “There were 2001 electors that did not receive polling cards in the Horncastle Ward for the recent by-election. Naturally we are extremely disappointed that this occurred and we have reviewed the end to end process of production, supply and distribution of polling cards to ensure this does not happen again.” (This should not have happened this time, had someone done their job properly).

Finally, I would agree Mr. Barker’s final comment that “democracy at all levels is morally corrupt” - and I am with him 100%. “IF” corruption is proven and can be exposed, then it should be - AND the perpetrators severely punished for their lies and duplicity.

Ron Fisher,

Hemingby Way