LETTER: No more important decisions without public consultation

The government announced reduced council funding just before Christmas. Previously, our councils have largely absorbed cuts with limited effect on services but this round of cuts may be life-changing for many. A lot depends on how local politicians propose to balance social needs against opportunities; one part of the county against another.

County and District councils have been reviewing services with a view to finalising budgets and service cuts within the next 2-3 months.

This is so important that I have been urging Lincolnshire County Council Chairman and Horncastle County Councillor, Bill Aron, to confirm that the citizens of Lincolnshire will be properly consulted before decisions are finalised.

By this I mean time and opportunity to access full information about proposals, not false last minute consultation on minutiae. The replies I have received from Cllr Aron are, at best, non-committal.

If councils want more devolved power and localism we citizens need to assert ourselves in the process in spirit of the long traditions of this county.

No important decisions about us without us.

Richard Fowler