LETTER: No level playing field for parking in East Lindsey

I am writing to inform all your readers that I visited Skegness at the end of December and was surprised to see that car park charges in both the Embassy Centre and Sea Front car parks, had been reduced, quite stealthily, to £1 all 
day parking during the 
period from the end of November 2014 until February 28th 2015.

It’s most concerning that East Lindsey District Council are not adopting a “level playing field” in respect of all the council-run car parks throughout East Lindsey.

In Horncastle, for instance, there has been no reduction in car park charges and motorists still have to pay 80p for one hour and nearly £2 for two hours in St. Lawrence Street car park.

Come on, East Lindsey, be fair to inland towns such as Horncastle as the car park charges are having an adverse effect on the town centre shops as visitors are limiting their stay, or even worse, are staying away due to car park charges.

Keith Baguley

Lancaster Avenue,