LETTER: No level playing field for Horncastle car parks

Clair Boam’s letter, 12 November News, actually agrees with the views of Richard Ingram Hills in respect of Car Parking concerns in Horncastle, and I paraphrase what she says.

It is a problem to park FREE other than the side streets out of the Town Centre which impacts on local residents. THIS HAPPENS CURRENTLY.

Perhaps people should be able to nip into a shop, bank or the post office without fear of a ticket. THEY CAN’T.

Let’s have a car park area , in Town, which gives 30 minutes FREE. WE DON’T HAVE ONE.

The Bain, owned by ELDC, could be charging less for long stay, increasing time spent in Town. IT DOES NOT.

Clair Boam makes reference to the Police Van not parking legally, the old traffic warden being most unhelpful, that we don’t have a bus parking area and motor home parking area which impacts on tourism and she makes reference to the American visitors who come by coach but can’t access the Admiral Rodney car park and ELDC offered no help.

The recent meeting of our three District Councillors with ELDC on car parking issues achieved NOTHING.

Car parking in Horncastle, compared with what Woodhall Spa, with a minimum of 2 hours FREE, enjoys, is NOT A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.

The lines are drawn for the May 2015 local elections.

Richard Barker