LETTER: No discussion of Mareham le Fen’s new village hall

I was interested to read your article in Horncastle News about this £800.000 village hall that is certainly news to most people who live in this village.

As the committee of 8 trustees have closed meetings no one from the village is allowed to attend with out becoming a trustee there is no communication as to what is going on .A lot of the people are annoyed because they wanted the hall rebuilt on its present site as it was left to the village as a memorial to those who died in the first world war. The committee is obsessed with this new hall they would not look at alternatives

As the Chairman is a newcomer from Essex he will not understand why the people of this rural village do not want this new hall it will become far too expensive to maintain. Village halls are a thing of the past and dressing it up as a community centre is laughable.

It is not known locally as the old tin hut, and as for the state of the present hall it is the committees fault its in a poor state as they are given £3,000 a year for its up keep . we would like to know were this money goes as it is not on the hall.

£800.000 is outrageous amount of money to spend on a white elephant

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