LETTER: No benefit for Bardney parishioners

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Once again Bardney Group Parish Council show their contempt for the residents that they supposedly represent.

At the last Parish Council meeting a member of the public (myself) asked why, when Lincolnshire County Council and West Lindsey District Council had kept their share of Council Tax for 2014/15 to a 0% increase, had BGPC increased their share by 1.7%.

This was disputed by the council until evidence was produced and verified by District and County Councillor Ian Fleetwood. They had no answer to this.

Later in the same meeting, discussion took place reference rental charges for allotment plots.

It was resolved to decrease the rental charges for plot holders living outside the parish.

So, with one hand they take extra money from residents and with the other give it away to non-residents.

What next, free burials for non-residents?

You Couldn’t Make It Up!

David Howe