LETTER: More worthy names to be considered for Horncastle streets

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I have just been reading the letters section in this weeks news concerning the naming of new streets in the town.

In think it is quite right that the likes of Steve Newton and Jack Simpson should be remembered in this way.

However there are many people who should also be remembered and not just because they served on the local council, but because they have served the town in many other ways.

For example, my own father who was an avid member of the Royal British Legion etc..Mr. Vic Ranyard also along with many others who should be considered, Mr John Corby who served as a policeman in the town for many years...

Perhaps these names along with others should be considered...surely what seems to be just a big thumbs up for every councillor that has served...and lets face it...not all of them deserve a street named after them...!!!

Ian Ranyard

By email