LETTER: More questions for Bardney Parish Council

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It was with interest that I read the article written by Councillor Hippey from Bardney Group Parish Council concerning this year’s precept.

I am definitely not a mathematician so I found the statement from him that the last Council had increased the precept more than the present Council difficult to work out because if, as he states the precept hasn’t increased,

then this year’s can’t be less than the former Council charged.

To then state that the 1.7% increase was due to West Lindsey District Council moving in people on benefits to the Bardney area needs to be explained more clearly, is he talking about people who claim child benefit or pensioners who need their pensions supplemented due to their circumstances?

Or is this just a bigoted prejudicial statement made against people less fortunate than himself?

I would also take issue with his statement that he was being stabbed in the back. When you are a Councillor, you are a servant to the people and accountable to them in a democratic society.

If a member of the public wishes to discuss a difference of opinion, then they have every right to.

This Councillor has a very short memory, because I remember very clearly the times he exercised his democratic right as a resident to ask questions concerning Council business.

I hope he doesn’t want this right to be removed or maybe he does?

I would also like to ask Bardney Group Parish Council if the views and comments made by Coun Hippey are the representative policy of the council and is it the fault of West Lindsey District Council?

Mike McKenna.

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