LETTER: More ELDC excuses about lack of free parking

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eference ELDC’s comments to the Car parking Charges article, 23 July Horncastle News, I would comment as follows.

I would challenge the statement that Government Charges only relate to on street parking. As far as I am concerned they cover all parking whether District or County Council so ELDC have the good grace to accept you are wrong or show the specific policy you refer to.

Horncastle may be exploring other options only because ELDC have got the charging regime wrong. The Wong should be free 24/7 as the income and the usage does not support charging.

The Town Centre Car Parks should give 1 hour in the Market Square and 2 Hours in the Bain and St Lawrence Street, with free parking in all 3 on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Come on Town Council, start supporting the Town and campaigning for the above proposal and the 3 District Councillors show some backbone and challenge ELDC to change the policy to the above, to help the Town.

Your commitment Councillors will determine who succeeds next May in the local elections! Because Horncastle has always charged for parking in the Bain, St Lawrence Street and the Market Square we are not entitled to any free parking whether 1 or 2 hours, according to Cllr Martin who made that statement at the AGM of the Federation on the 23 June. Woodhall, pre charging, was ALL free so they now get 2 hours FREE.

A fine example of our District Councillor backing ELDC rather than the Town despite being a Town Councillor

ELDC, that is not a level playing field and it needs a rethink by the District and a proper debate with senior Officers. I doubt they will have the desire to take up this challenge

As for the comment by ELDC “that parking charges were among the cheapest in Lincolnshire”, is small comfort to the businesses and residents of Horncastle who are paying for ELDC’s flawed parking policy.

Richard Barker

By email