LETTER: Many do so much for no allowances, expenses or self promotion

Further to my letter to the Horncastle News. I have received an unsigned, I suppose a poisonous pen letter.

I would not normally respond as these pathetically, spineless people they deserve help and pity the same as internet trolls.

Nevertheless to answer the taunts, 33 years in the Royal Navy and several conflicts answers the “man up” bit.

Secondly I have been on the community park group (successful), Horncastle Ahead before it was wrecked by political infighting, served as founder member and vice chair of the Stanhope Hall group before resigning number 2 of 8 over bad chairmanship and governance.

Thirdly there are many people in charity organisations, churches, clubs and genuine councillors who do regular voluntary work over many years including myself. They do this without any allowances or expenses we just get on with it without seeking individual self promotion for personal gain.

As an aside, reading the News, If Mr R Barker runs for District or County councils he may well get my vote. Although somewhat forthright he appears to know where civic duty and responsibilities lie.

He Also has the drive/determination to get things done for the Town and could be trusted not to join the ruling clique at County Hall for personal gain.

Gerry O’Neill

Mareham on the Hill