LETTER: Look closer at unemployment figures Victoria Atkins

I read with interest the Louth and Horncastle Conservative Party Electoral Candidate’s piece in your newspaper celebrating improved employment figures for our borough, yet I wonder if she took fully into account the fact that these “full time jobs” are in fact seasonal? They are good, long term hours in the summer, but very far from that in the winter.

The Conservative party policy for younger people who typically work here in the tourist industry is to “work for their benefits”.

For example, a 20 year old after 6 months of hard work in the tourist season, earning, at best minimum wage, will lose their seasonal job, and have to claim benefit allowances in the off season, from October until March – after which they will be automatically considered by Dept. of Work & Pensions as long term unemployed, and will be forced to work for their benefits.

If they do not take on this Scheme “work for their benefits” (as little as £1.78 per hour as quoted by highly regarded Government sources) they may well be sanctioned. Perversely, they may well be re-employed by the same employer. Except as slave labour.

There is no job security in this borough. Ask any local businessman, such as myself.

Is that really how we want to see our bright young people of this region treated?

Mark Denham

Chapel St Leonards.