LETTER: Lincolnshire council can save money by binning County News

One way in which Lincolnshire County Council could save money would be to cease publishing the egregious title ‘County News’.

It does not represent the County – or at least the people thereof – nor does it provide news: it is pure, unexpurgated propaganda.

Take the latest spinnings from whoever writes the PR blurbs which purport to come from Councillor Worth.

I really, really hope he does not write this nonsense himself for, if so, I fear for his sanity.

Councillor Worth’s presentation of the case for the reorganisation of Lincolnshire libraries printed in September 2013 was a masterpiece of political disingenuousness and specious editing, but at least it stopped short of innuendo and spite.

This month, Councillor Worth’s spokesman has all but accused a High Court judge of incompetence: The judge agreed the council was entitled to make savings …. .

He also accepted it had carefully considered the impact on all residents.. ……

Despite that, he ultimately decided to ….”. In fact, the judge considered that LCC had been precipitate in making its decision before asking any residents anything – and then proceeding to survey residents to gain support for what it had decided to do anyway.

At one point, Councillor Worth allegedly expresses his admiration of “ the willingness of communities and volunteers to work with us in developing a network of community hubs” while insisting that closing 
all but 10 of our libraries was acceptable because so few of those ‘willing’ communities actually wanted or used one!

The Councillor contends that the service he envisaged would have been ‘comprehensive and efficient’ but fails to explain how reaching only 74% of residents could be considered either comprehensive or efficient.

He completely fails to address the common response to his ’30 minutes by public transport’ claim - which 
was pretty universal disbelief and cynical laughter.

Instead, he tries to give the impression that one, lone maverick citizen succeeded, beyond reason, in overthrowing all his excellent plans: “…a member of the public objected to the proposals, which were then brought before the court.” Surely a democratically elected Councillor should be the first to recognize the concept of the representative, standing for and standing up for a much larger group. Councillor Worth seems to have completely forgotten that element of his role.

The County News, as it stands, is a massive lost opportunity.

It is so obvious a piece of political whitewash, it not only fails to communicate, it deepens the profound mistrust of all arms of government which is a growing shame and danger to our community and to our country.

Either close it, or show some respect to those whom its perpetrators presumably hope will read it.

Shirley Williams (Mrs)

Woodhall Spa