Letter: Lights wrong on Boston Road

I only recently moved to Horncastle for work reasons.

I bought a property to the south of the town in February and was happy.

My neighbours told me about the long traffic jams on Boston Road but after a few weeks of commuting through the town, I began to wonder what they were talking about.

Then, hey presto, the weather improved and my commute suddenly started to take 30-40 minutes longer.

It is now quite common to discover traffic trailing back all the way to the garage opposite the industrial estate.

Granted, it is not every day, but on a Friday and a weekend it is truly a nightmare.

I’m afraid I agree with many other people that the traffic lights at the town end of Boston Road are not set correctly and stay on green far too long in favour of the traffic heading for the coast.

• Submitted by Angie Benton via email.