LETTER: Let me know your views on Lincolnshire Libraries

I am the District Councillor for Tattershall and Coningsby and we object to the closure at the access centre in Tattershall by LCC . On the week Birmingham open a brand new library costing £188m Lincolnshire decides to close as many libraries as possible.

We are told they must save £2m but they have the money in the revenue budget. The real truth is that this as an asset stripping process. The money from selling off property will go into a general budget and it will not support libraries in the future. The volunteer budget model offered to community groups lasts for only four years. What happens next?

Not one political manifesto told you the truth that a vote for them would mean you lost a library service. Volunteer groups are being asked to use their own time because they will need skills using library management systems,

Peoples network and finally self-service. They are expected to check documents for registration. The 1964 Act promised a comprehensive service for all. What has the Minister getting paid for this role contributed to the debate? No one seems to have heard from them.

On May 2014 the libraries identified for closure will be replace by a mobile unit visiting once every two weeks. Currently 1 million books are available in Lincolnshire.

Others and myself have been volunteering to teach computers in libraries to all ages in the community for the past few years. Unemployed people have looked up jobs online, all ages have become efficient with computers.

Lincolnshire’s short-sited move is a ridiculous decision when the need for computers will grow over the next decade In our vast rural communities what will happen after the four years of funding has finished. The business model shows that the community money is not viable. What can you do? Fight back and visit Lincolnshire County Council on September 13th meeting starts at 10.30. Remember not to vote for a councillor voting for this ridiculous cut in our services. Go in to a library and sign a petition. Contact your MP. Why is one county able to open libraries and our county wants to close them? Is this bad management of funding? Let me know what you think

Julia Pears

pearsjulia@gmail.com 07432118418i