LETTER: Keep Horncastle special - say no to development

Ref Developement of Homes, Langton Hill ( and surrounding area) of Horncastle.

Firstly, Horncastle is unique and special, and so are the people living here.

At the moment I have to wait up to two weeks to see a doctor, and I can not get a NHS Dentist in Horncastle as they are full.

If I cant get a place at the dentist now, how are all the new people who move in going to get one?

Horncastle is only one of a handful of nice and peaceful towns left in England, its an area when you can’t just move into from somewhere else and expect to ‘blend in’ ie find a job etc.

I was not born in Horncastle myself, but love the town and people. The old sash windows, shops that don’t need shutters on them at night.

But that will all come to an end if developers get their way.

These developers don’t care about what the people think or the lives they ruin. They build for money and that’s it.

They don’t care what happens after they have sold, they just move on and do the same somewhere else and so on, in this area.

This is what will happen if they build lots of houses near Horncastle - the people who buy a house will not get in a doctors, dentist, school etc.

They will want to move and sell their house a lot cheaper than pay for housing trusts etc, will end up paying them and next thing there will be drug wars, thieves, riff raff etc living in them, hence there new stealing grounds will be Horncastle Town.

Well in no time at all, the town will be a mess and ruined, shutters on all shops, sash windows replaced with stronger double glaze etc, people scared to go out at night,

Yes it will end up like I have said. I’ve seen it all before in other areas.

As long as there’s no homes for scumbags and immigrants to move in to them Horncastle is safe, for now, trust me I’ve seen it all before, happen in other areas, we will end up having nasty gangs of youths in town etc, this will all happen very fast, if they build lots of new homes the way these developers want it will ruin the town, the facts are Horncastle can not cope with such numbers, there are plenty of other places to build homes, they can build lives in other areas that are already messed up, not Horncastle, No, No, No, No, No. No new homes in or near Horncastle NO!.

Horncastle is a perfect English town in a very lovely area, I want it to stay that way, not end up like Boston.

A Horncastle resident