LETTER: Keep Coronation Walk clear

May I renew my campaign to keep Horncastle’s beautiful Coronation Walk clear of parked cars?

They are here again, their occupants consuming fish and chip lunches without paying for parking and with no time restrictions, while everyone else has to park and pay.

Two years ago, East Lindsey representatives explained to us how the longer, top end of the Walk has to be kept available for council vehicles to tend the river, hence no bollards.

This is fair enough, but could not Horncastle Council sport a red sign telling all the freeloaders ‘No Parking’ on this lovely stretch of trees and grassland which is so obviously NOT meant to be parked on.

Horncastle might take its cue from all the Dutch towns whose economies are thriving because their centres are pedestrianised.

Our lovely town is ‘on the up’ again with superb speciality shops and cafes, but the traffic and parking issues work against its greater success.

Edward Mayor,

Woodhall Spa