LETTER: Jubilee Park has become a ‘Whitehall Farce’

Having read the headline and letters page from the April 9 edition, it is plainly obvious that the warring factions will continue to wrangle.

To my mind this is because of the covert discussions that have gone on between the chair of the parish council and the assorted groups who purportedly represent the public of Woodhall Spa.

Will somebody tell me what is this fascination of building a gym (so called four years ago), was until recently a fitness centre and now is being labelled a health and fitness centre?

Has anybody carried out a poll to ascertain whether such an enterprise has the support of the residents of this village?

Previosuly, via the newspaper, the Friends of Jubilee Park have stated that this venture is for the benefit of NHS patients requiring physiotherapy and the like as well as for use by the community.

If this is the case, how come it was revealed at the recent public meeting that this facility would be membership only? Does that mean NHS patients will have to join this exclusive club?

When can we expect the proposed business plan be accessible for scrutiny, particularly the part where the finance is coming from and the year on year profit forecasts?

The disagreements that have gone on have been caused by the lack of openness from all interested parties with the rest of the community. It has been stated that this new group, i.e. JPWS have been negotiating with the parish council for 18 months, so why has it taken so long to arrive at where we are? Misunderstanding, disputes, arguments, conflicts, fallings-out, personal integrity attacks, resignations, etc etc.

I do hope the visitors/tourists of Jubilee Park appreciate the strife that has gone on, and continues today, to safeguard their caravan pitch and a swim.

What has never-endingly happened in the last four years is a lack of joined-up thinking by those in authority. Jubilee Park is not a saga or a fiasco, but has become a ‘Whitehall Farce’.

In view of the fact that it was acknowledged that the parish council still retains ownership of Jubilee Park, I assume that the loan of £100,000 plus to upgrade the caravan park facilities was borrowed from the Public Loan Works Board?

A Pugh

Woodhall Spa