LETTER: It’s about time Horncastle got some new councillors

I once again find myself writing to you regarding the main road which is Boston Road.

I again fear that there is going to be a serious or fatal accident near the main entrance at Banovallum School.

The police put a speed camera van on Boston Road, but I have watched cars flashing other cars to warn them of the mobile cameras.

The police are wasting tax payers money and their own time.

Cars drive above the 30 mph speed limit, but what horrifies me is that some are texting and some are on their mobiles.

I can’t believe that the council were allowed to put a pedestrian crossing opposite the old town hall and just past Mareham Road.

This council don’t care what they do. All they are bothered about is parking charges.

It’s about time that the good people of Horncastle voted this click out.

Bill Aron already broke from the people who voted him in as a independent to defect to Conservatives.

This man is only looking after his own self interest.

He’s involved with the Old War Memorial Hospital, in charge of Stanhope Hall 
which committee members resign from because of the man.

Then he wants a street named after his grandfather, what else is he screaming for? A knighthood? Wouldn’t be surprised.

It’s time to elect a new councillors who want to do something for the people and town of Horncastle, it’s time for a clean sweep.

Why can’t we have a speed slow down sign on Boston Road?

Well, because the town council is not interested what real people want.

G Lovely

Boston Road, Horncastle