LETTER: Irrationalities and attitudes of some religions

Graham Keegan’s letter of January 21 has indeed given voice to what ‘countless others’ think about the irrationalities and attitudes of some religions and when he speaks of their unwillingness to be criticised, I reflect that the most severe criticisms of my lifestyle and work have come from people who enjoy wearing religion on their sleeve.

While the big western religions play on sin, judgement and some very dubious afterlife, many of the oriental philosophies stress the value and sanity of living fully in the present moment, with the sense of wonder in no way impaired. I doubt that heaven is anywhere near as good as Horncastle or Woodhall Spa and I also doubt whether all the world’s religions rolled into one would ever measure up to the look of love in a dog’s eyes, or the kind touch of a human hand. The Zen response to all the high-flown questionings, the horrors and the guilt promoted by religions is simply this, “have a cup of tea.’

Edward Mayor

Sandy Lane, Woodhall Spa.