LETTER: How can Lincolnshire County Council’s U-Turn on libraries be thrilling?

I fail to see how LCC’s “U turn” on the future of Horncastle Library’s reduced services can be considered “thrilling” by any stretch of the imagination !!(as quoted, and reported on in the H. News)

Our library will (pathetically) only be open for three days out of six which is hardly a ‘thrill’ to users who will now suffer the inconvenience of restricted access to the services offered, including literature, computer use, advice from ELDC staff on their services, general information and access to the Town Clerk.

Not forgetting, of course, the tourists to the town seeking information leaflets and the booking facility for the Embassy Centre in Skegness.

One wonders whether our fiercely “Independent” County Council representative - now financially rewarded for siding with the Conservatives, will have the courage to vote against his new masters on this matter, to properly represent the people of the town, as promised in his election leaflets.

In these difficult times, cutbacks are affecting all aspects of life, thousands are losing their jobs ( Library staff included !) and the County Council continue to reduce their services to us..................however, one aspect that NEVER gets reduced is the “Allowances” paid to their members.

Allowances this year for 80 LCC members are around £1,300,000,00 - so perhaps there is a justification for THEM to accept a 10 or 15% voluntary reduction also,to put towards keeping our Library’s open, - and even (dare I say it) a percentage or two of council employees pension contributions would be helpful also.

After all, these people do NOT deserve a more special treatment than the shop worker/ farm worker - or any other trade just because they work for the local authority - they should experience the same degree of austerity that others are having to cope with.

They are NOT a special case, and should NOT be protected or cushioned against the general economic forces, that the general public are paying for.

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