LETTER: Horncastle Town Council did not heed warning on graves

It is understood that the Town Council were within a “shovels depth” of buying this site from LCC after nearly 4 years of discussion and deliberation.

I remember when this first came to the Town Councils attention, circa 2011/12, in my limited and humble way as a Chartered Architect, with 40 years experience, 
I suggested that as the site was adjacent to a watercourse and part of the flood plain, that it 
would be advisable to dig some trial holes/trenches before spending time and possibly money from the public purse. This would have saved nearly 3 years of abortive work.

Three years on and without heeding my advice, which seems a trait of this Town Council, the Chairman of the Estates Committee, 
Cllr Roark, was proposing the site should be purchased from the LCC, without any ground investigation.

Once again Cllr Roark’s judgement is brought into question, but other members of the Estates Committee had the foresight to do the trial hole investigation before a final decision was made. The purchase did not proceed.

Had the purchase gone ahead then over 60k of public money would have been wasted with no benefit to the Town.

Perhaps Cllr Roark and others on the Estates Committee who failed to question the lack of 
site investigation results need to consider their positions.

It is no wonder that these deliberations, of over 3 years, were held behind closed doors but for no reason if professional advice had been followed.

The Town Clerk has asked for suggestions for other potential sites and I proffer the following for consideration.

The Wong in part or in total.

Land adjacent to the Boston Road Industrial Estate.

Land adjacent to the approved Langton Hill Development down to Thimbley Lane, or as an extension of the Mareham Road approved housing development.

R Barker.